What Games Are Played?

Objective: Tag as many opponents as possible and avoid being tagged out.
Rules: Everyone shoots anyone! The Marshall looks for Gamers who are tagged and sends them out of the Arena. You are only dead if the Marshall sees you tagged! Only 1 player will remain victorious!

Team Death Match
Objective: Eliminate all opposing players by shooting them on their vests.
Rules: Equally divided and paired, two opposing teams battle it out to eliminate the other. The Marshall officiates the game and calls out any player that gets tagged. The team with the most players win!

Capture The Flag
Objective: Capture the opposing team's flag and bring it to your own base without getting tagged.
Rules: A flag for each team sits in the center of the battlefield. The opposing team's mission is to eliminate all guards, capture the flag, and bring it back home safely. Players cannot touch their own flag nor hide it. The team that gets the flag wins.

The Prison
Objective: The players are to be tagged and placed in the opposing team’s prison.
Rules: The teams begin in their own home base. When a player is tagged, he must head for the other team’s prison.
The prisoner (s) are to be rescued by a teammate so that he (they) may continue the game. The prisoner can be rescued
from prison when his own teammate hand tags him out. The game is terminated when an entire team is imprisoned.

Free Play
Unlimited lives. Just run and shoot. It's time to go crazy and just play.



At TAG & TARGET, we make safety our number one priority and we wants to make sure you have fun and safe. To ensure safety, we have rules and regulations in place. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below.

**Everyone that enters the TAG & TARGET arena must have completed a valid and signed TAG & TARGET waiver.
Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.**

  • No food or drink in the arena
  • No shooting outside the arena
  • No shooting in the head/face
  • No pushing or shoving
  • No climbing on barriers
  • Keep a safe distance between the players
  • Keep goggles on at all times

Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at TAG & TARGET can and will result in the loss of your play time. Thank you for always following our safety guidelines. We want you to have fun and stay safe!